Yvan Cournoyer

I came across some nude modeling photos of this Candian actor and fitness model: His name is Yvan Cournoyer. He's played mainly minor roles... more importantly he doesn't mind showing off his body and... bulge for us 😉 Now, the ENTIRE reason I'm making this post today is for the following picture. The hotness of this photo is making morning wood issues worse. For now. Below are also some nude shots that I found... but there is something about this photo that... mmm... Enjoy! Click here for more guys like Yvan: Related site- Rub Him
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6 thoughts on “Yvan Cournoyer”

  1. Hey Al, did you came across this guy from thecelebarchive mailer? He was one of their weekly featured men and he caught my eye a few days ago. Hes gorgeous.

    1. Al is the Banana Blog- I’m his BF Andy. But I didn’t find him there actually- just another celeb discussion board… I had to hunt around a second to find the nudes of him though. He is gorgeous!

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