World Cup Hotties: #2- Tim Cahill

Doing all these posts on the World Cup made me realize how hot soccer players are. Soccer doesn't get a whole lot of attention in the US, mostly basketball and football. But maybe if more gay men were aware of studs like this: Meet #2 on the list of the hottest World Cup player, Tim Cahill. Tim plays for the Australian national team and was born there in Sydney in 1979. Tim was in fact, during the 2006 World Cup, the first Australian to score a World Cup goal. And then there are those abs. Even when he makes funny faces, he manages to exude sexual charm- ugh, those arms!
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One thought on “World Cup Hotties: #2- Tim Cahill”

  1. did he know that his underwear was SHOWING in that last one?!! 😛 I’m sure when you’re on that field you could be naked and not even notice…haha. YAY NAKED SOCCER!

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