William Levy Wears See Through Underwear. My day is complete!

Lets get the bio out of the way first, because if I were to write it in between the photos, you'd completely ignore it. William is a 30 year old Cuban actor who has done a bunch of shows and series on channels I don't watch because I never learned Spanish. He has a pretty strong following in Latin American countries (for good reasons, although I've never seen him act). He recently had a photoshoot for N2N underwear... it leaves very little to the imagination. Actually, the mesh underwear would just piss me off because I'd be able to see the goods and honestly they'd just get in the way of what I want to do to him things. Enjoy! And here is what the face looks like when you aren't staring at his crotch:
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13 thoughts on “William Levy Wears See Through Underwear. My day is complete!”

  1. I can’t believe being a Cuban u have such a small Penis, no wonder u divorce. Small hands too. But I still do u

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