Who wants their turkey stuffed by this guy? UPDATED WITH VIDEO 11/29

Ok, so obviously that was in honor of all my America readers who are celebrating Thanksgiving today, so Happy Thanksgiving! For the rest of you, this guy is just unbelievably hot. His name? He is Tim Oakes, and he was the Captain for the Sandbach Rugby team and also seen on the UK reality show 'Generation Xcess' So what did he do with all his fame? He took it all off for famousmales UK. Rejoice 😉 Its Gonna Hurt Here is a link to the video that I wasn't able to post on the blog. Its him jerking off on a webcam- there are two of them and the second is the 'money shot' 🙂
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10 thoughts on “Who wants their turkey stuffed by this guy? UPDATED WITH VIDEO 11/29”

  1. Hey mate,

    I read that there is a web posting of Tim Oakes masturbating in a chat room. I cannot find it.

    If you could find and post it a lot of the guys here would enjoy seeing it I am sure.

    This guy has a beautiful cock, would love to see him using it.

    Thanks man …

  2. Thanks mate, but I still can’t find how to get it to play. I am salivating. Do I have to join facebook to see it? Or what do I do to get to see him playing on that beautiful instrument?

  3. Found it mate!

    Really nice shots of his body, cock and balls, and of course his precum and his money shot. Loved every second of it.

    Does anyone know if he was in a chat room with guys, with gals, with guys and gals? Was he performing for men?

    Thanks man …

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