Where he is gay or not… one thing is for damn sure…

Matt Bomer is damn sexy. Perez Hilton is claiming he is gay. I'm not a fan of Perez by any means, especially his habbit of 'outing' people. Seriously, let people come out when they are damn well and ready. But I stray from my point. His last target of homosexual gossip is the incredible talented and sexy Matt Bomer. Don't know who he is? Something tells me you might remember him now. If he looks familiar, you probably have seen him in one of his popular TV shows. Currently he is on USA's 'White Collar' and was a recurring character on NBC's 'Chuck.' He can also be seen in the films 'Flightplan' with Jodi Foster and 2006's 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.' But now back to the sexiness! Matt refuses to comment on his sexuality and I say good for him 🙂
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8 thoughts on “Where he is gay or not… one thing is for damn sure…”

  1. I’ve seen Matt in many shows – I have almost psychic GAYDAR and I’m not detecting anything homosexual from this man. In this case, it would be nice to be wrong, he is very beautiful!

  2. I HATE. Perez. I don’t understand why he’s still getting his 15 minutes. He does nothing for the gay community except put us back 3 steps with every comment he makes.

  3. ummm, sorry to break it to you but Perez is right on this one.

    Matt Bomer is actually out and he lives with his partner and they’re both raising an adopted child together. Google if you don’t believe me :-p

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