What It Looks Like When You Love Giving Head.

If you've read some of my personal blogs, you've read before how much I love going down on my boyfriend. It just feels so good to me knowing I can make him feel so good. But its easy to tell when someone hates giving head. The look on their face says something like, "Ugh, they better not cum in my mouth." Those of you who love to suck probably have a look similar to this one on your face: 45563_03 (Image from Raging Stallion's Open Road: click here to check it out) That guy.... that guy loves sucking dick. He gets pleasure from it; without even seeing it, I can tell he is rock hard, just from sucking. In this next pic from Raging Stallion's Open Road, I swear I can almost hear him say, "Damn, this dick tastes good." 45563_01 And the guy who is getting head? He'll look something just like this: 45563_02 (Images courtesy of Raging Stallion- Click here to see their website)
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