Vincent Clerc

In deciding what to post, I realized I had not done a post on a sports figure recently so I kind of set out my search for one this morning. It didn't take long once I came (haha!) across French rugby player Vincent Clerc on theIrishFishBowl. Born in 1981... whatever- he grew up to be this: That's it for today! Hope you enjoyed! Related Site: Rub Him
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8 thoughts on “Vincent Clerc”

  1. The photo of him sitting on the motorcycle is so friggin hot, the muscles in his back and those perfect legs….picture that laying in your bed….

  2. Check out Nick Youngquest, if you haven’t already posted him. I try to keep up with all the guys, so I don’t believe you have, but there are a lot. Haha. Anyway he’s gorgeous. He’s also a rugby player with some hot nude calendar photos! Think everyone might enjoy! 🙂

  3. Haha forget I said anything. You did post him. Lol. I’m having fun rediscovering all the pictures though. So thanks for that!

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