Vin Diesel’s interesting pic…

All the searching I've done for hot pics of Vin Diesel and I've never found this one- What the hell is he hiding in his boxers?! It looks like an orange or something. Seriously. Vin is one of those guys that makes my mouth water anytime I see a picture of him. I even went to see 'The Pacifier' because he was in it. I think the producers put in that scene with him running around in a towel just to please me 🙂 Between that low voice, that ultra sexy sly smile and of course that ridiculous body, Vin Diesel definitely has got it going on. Not to mention, I kind of have a propensity for short, buff, bald, masculine guys. Just my thing. Let me just say if I was the photographer, my lens definitely would have been aimed a little lower 😉 Ok, so your random fact for today is (drum-roll please!)... Vin Diesel has a twin brother names Paul who is a film editor.
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