Victor Webster gets a little excited…

This scene is from the now defunct Mutant X TV show. Here, the gorgeous male star of the show, Canadian Victor Webster seems to be pretty excited about something. I like how they just laugh it off- the look on his face is priceless as well, if you can keep your eyes off his bulging pants for a moment 😉 Maybe there was a sex scene about to happen? Not sure what had him so riled up, but its pretty entertaining/hot nonetheless. This next clip is of Victor guest starring on 'Sex in the City'- this clip is good for one reason: his bubble butt! It makes its own appearance about 1 minute 5 seconds into the clip. Other shows Victor has been on: Charmed, Melrose Place, Lincoln Heights and Noah's Arc. Here are some more pics of this stud below! Be sure to check em' all out!
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