USA Gymnastics Team: Danell Leyva

As we approach the Olympics, I thought it would be fun to post a few of the hot guys of team USA. Honestly, I'll post a lot of other hot sportsmen I find pics of... especially the track and field teams cause there is always some major bulging going on in that group. Anyway, I really admire gymnasts because of their grace. Being able to move to precisely is incredible to me, mainly because I trip over myself constantly. Moving gracefully for me is not hurting my knees when I fall. Back to the point. Danell Leyva. Hot. Also, nearly nude photos of him leaked a while ago and... I approve for sure. Enjoy! We'll start with my favorite. I caption it "The Perfect Bottom"
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9 thoughts on “USA Gymnastics Team: Danell Leyva”

  1. I mean he is pretty handsome, but from his phone pics, he seems kind of stuck on himself….Which, is a major turn off for me…So, no matter how handsome he may be, his vanity, makes him not very appealing, to me

    1. Are you judging him by something you see IN the phone pics, or are you blanket-judging anyone who takes a phone pic?

  2. He is so my ideal type!

    @TG…what makes him vain for taking pictures for himself? Everyone poses in their own pictures and he just happens to have an amazing body…how is that vain?

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