UK’s ‘Shamless’ Series Nice Bulge

These screen caps are from the UK version of 'Shamless' which just came out over here in the US. This makes me think of two things... a) How the hell can I watch this episode and b) does the US make any TV shows that are original? Oh, I guess I'm also thinking how do I get this guy's number. But this guy happens to be Elliott Tittensor, and here he is in his underwear. Get ready for it! (PS, he has a twin brother. Rejoice.) You may remember screen caps from the US version of the show in which we all finally got to see Steve Howey (from the Reba show) naked. This might turn out to be a show that very, very good to the blog!
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6 thoughts on “UK’s ‘Shamless’ Series Nice Bulge”

  1. 1) The US just remakes british TV a couple years after it was popular in the UK and often the UK remakes old Uk shows so dont expect anything new.

    2) That guy makes me hard in every TV show he’s ever been in.

  2. @pedro – just saw “protect me from what i want” i thought it was really good. I’ll have to check out the rest of short films in the collection now.

  3. joe ~ check out “boys on film”. protect me from what i want i think is the forth in the series. think there is 5 altogether. boys on films is the collection of gay short films. also Elliot Tittensor (this shameless hottie) has an identical twin brother called Luke. who is also an actor. think they would be perfect for Twin Porn lol

  4. These pics must be from a very recent season. Sundance Channel runs the British version of Shameless late Sunday/early Monday. It’s a great show, and it’s hot to have watched this guy grow into such a hunk.

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