UF Football Player Discovers Pants Are See Through. Crowd Cheers.

I found this online this morning and my first reaction was…


Nothing better to begin your hump day than the following pic. This plump ass belongs to UF Quarterback Jeff Driskel (currently out because of an injury) who wore a jock strap and discovered those white pants are a tad more sheer than he realized. And the crowd goes wild…

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And for those of you interested, here is the other side of Jeff.

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3 thoughts on “UF Football Player Discovers Pants Are See Through. Crowd Cheers.

  1. Sorry to say, but it is photoshopped. I had hoped that it wasn’t, but then I saw the real picture…it’s not his ass 🙁

  2. dip&wbst;:nwahou ça faisait bien longtemps que je n’ai pas pris le temps de te rendre visite, mais là honnêtement je ne regrette pas ! enfin un rouge qui ne se fait pas la malle et puis autre chose…. tu écris bien voui voui suis sérieuse !

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