Two Websites/Two Sales

Part of why I love blogging so much is that I get to bring the best deals to your attention- I mean, looking at all the gorgeous guys on a daily basis isn't bad either :p But this week, two incredible sales from two of my favorite studios flooded my inbox and I'm excited to tell you about them. First up- Cocky Boys. unnamed (1) THREE months of membership on a website with PAGES of hot guys? All for the price of ONE MONTH? Fuck yes.

Click here to check out mroe on CockyBoys- you could easily spend hours just looking through their hot models.

The other sale is just as good! Ever heard of One Gay Pass? No? Well, its a membership to FOUR of the hottest sites from Next Door Studios. 1GP_660x125_01 Circle Jerk Boys Men Over 30 (Oh how I love muscle dad types) Boyz party and one of my favorites: Extra Big Dicks.

Click here to look through the site for that sale. Make sure to use this link only!

Check out a preview from them:
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