True Blood Returns… and with it, a pressing question.

True Blood recently returned to television, and while I'm a little bit behind on last season I'm still excited about the new one. Mainly... eye candy. Seriously, I'm not a gawk-er, but dear lord these guys are friggin hot. Need proof? click Here. And Here. Oh, and here too. (Even the minor characters and Guest Stars are hot! Get ready for more clicking. Here and here.) So... poll time. Who would you rather have in your bed for the evening? Sam Erik Bill Or- Jason [polldaddy poll=6314641]
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14 thoughts on “True Blood Returns… and with it, a pressing question.”

  1. Alicide is the hottest guy on there. To bad the Sam’s brother Tommy (Marshall Allman) is dead now. He was pretty hot with a huge bubble butt.

  2. You’re cruel to make us choose! I don’t know what happes, but I would fuck every guy in that show, every guy but Sam! The only thing I like about him is his great ass.

    Anyway, if I have to pick just one, I think it would be Bill.

  3. Yeah I was waiting for the Alcide pics because I would definitely pick Alcide or Joe Manganiello growling in bed with me for a lifetime

  4. How about a foursome with Jason, Erik, and Alcide…..dreams would come true with those three. Enough meat to feed a country 😉

  5. @Danoperez

    They’re all afraid of manly hairy guys and, unfortunately, prefer boyish A&F plastic bodies.

    Regarding the show: it sucks. I can’t even watch it anymore for the eyecandy. The bad writing and bad acting (and very much everything) just pisses me off way too much to enjoy the show as a guilty pleasure.

    What happened to Alan Ball? He created the brilliant “Six Feet Under” and now this? 🙁

  6. fuck, theyre all hot. Put Erik’s dick in my ass, Jason’s ass on my cock, Sam’s dick in my mouth, and Bill’s mouth on my balls and I will be a happy fucking camper

  7. i cannot like this show… i just cant

    my boyfriends parents love this show and think its…

    uh huh… secksy

    yuck… T . T

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