Torchwood… Sex on TV ;)

This clip from the British TV show, Torchwood, features John Barrowman: (Barrowman is openly gay and has numerous stage productions to his name as well as films like 'The Untouchables', 'The Producers' and shows like "Dr.Who") and also Dillon Casey: (Dillon is mainly known for his role on The Vampire Diaries) I'm not sure what the story line is, and it seems like someone has edited this clip to include all the best parts. Enjoy!
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10 thoughts on “Torchwood… Sex on TV ;)”

  1. Finally, so many shows and movies of straight couples fucking, bare assed thrusting and all, and the most they gave gay characters was a measly peck on the lips they called kissing, and raved about in magazines and news stations all year long awaiting the night where the “big kiss” airs.

  2. Think he’s hot here should of had seen him when he was on Dr.Who and first three seasons of Torchwood. Now that was Yum with a capital y! Stars thank you for bribing back a great series!!!

  3. Torchwood is an anagram of Dr Who.. well with a few extra letters. Torchwood “Miracle Day” airs on Starz on Friday’s. It’s GREAT to have it on a premiume cable network to allow more… Captain Jack.. hehehehe.

      1. Get a grip! If someone’s wrong just tell them. There’s no need to use capital letters. It makes it look like you’re SHOUTING!

  4. I find this scene brilliant I don’t watch torch wood. Why don’t the BBC allow us to watch it live on TV? I think they are still narrow-minded people out there who need to wake up and smell the coffee. Us as Gay people are part of today society we do not complain about straight people having sex on Tv or kissing.

  5. This clip was prime time BBC1 (the most watched TV slot in Britain. And I was proud to see gay sex given the same treatment as straight sex. Torchwood is a spin off of Doctor Who and is an anagram. Its a british show which has partnered with an american network for extra funding but is primaraily British.

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