Thrusting with Anderson Cooper

Ah, another one of my celebrity crushes. Anderson Cooper makes the news hot as hell. this past Friday he was a guest on Regis and Kelly live for their 'Fitness Fridays' segment. He either should have worn tighter underwear or looser pants 🙂 Or maybe he just wanted to tease us all. here are the photos (they are a little blurry and I'm trying to find clearer ones for you- and myself hehe) followed by the video.
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5 thoughts on “Thrusting with Anderson Cooper”

  1. I used to live in NYC. I am not being specific to The Silver Fox…. I have been in the company of, or seen some celebrities, power brokers, politicians, and others… some nationally and internationally known… you would would freak out about who are “open secrets” there. That’s The Big Apple. You can be who and what you want to be, the key is just don’t rub it peoples faces, no pun intended. AC is gorgeous, passionate, generous, kind, funny, and brilliant. I no longer believe that only “10%” of the population is “Gay”. It is a lot higher than that. And in higher places than you can guess….

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