The Royal Goods

I'm surprised I haven't seen this pic before- Prince Harry might want to be a little more careful where he gets a little excited 😉 Some of you might remember from a few months ago the pictures of Prince William relieving himself in public. Just in case you didn't, check em out below
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7 thoughts on “The Royal Goods”

  1. What I hope William is a grower cause I can’t believe Diana’s beauty has a small meet and Harry who is only minor cute has a large piece

  2. Im sorry but who cares if he is grower or not? I think the man is just beautiful! And Harry is well the hot rebel lol which is a nice plus;) but william is so much sexier!

  3. Harry looks like he is nicely hung …

    Both William and Harry are uncut since their mother refused to subject them to the knife. Other male members of the royal family are cut.

    Can this photo of William be blown up to show that he is unclipped or not?

    I have never seen a urinating man hold his penis like this, is the inverted “V” hold used to skin back so as to allow a free flow? Or am I not using correct etiquette by holding my cock between my thumb and forefinger when aiming my flow?

    1. well, sir only savages hold their penises at all. i have my house boy handle that. . .lol but i think wills is larger than that. bc i one looks at the pic of him and katherine at the polo match, tht bulge is quite prominent. it’s trying desperately to break free from thos white jeans…i hope it wasn’t after labor day. . .

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