The Price is Definitely Right

Seeing as I have nearly no time whatsoever to watch TV, I'm often out of the loop with TV shows. Especially shows that come on during the daytime. The Price Is Right was the most exciting thing about skipping school when I was little, pretending to have a fever (that is, until I had a car and could drive- I'm talking like middle school here). So, when I found out that there was now a male model on that show, I was a bit surprised. I found these... aaaaannnndddd I might make time to watch the show soon. Oh, he has a name too. Its Rob Wilson. I'll draw the line at having sex dreams where he is naked on a car with Drew Carey's voice in the background "And the prize is sex with Rob... IN YOUR BRAND NEW CAR!!!" Check out our sponsors over at LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT
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2 thoughts on “The Price is Definitely Right”

  1. He is almost TOO good looking. A real life brunette Ken doll.
    There’s plenty of videos of him on youtube on the show….I wish I was the speedboat.
    This year, I am thankful that I appreciate hot men.

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