Thank you Canada!

for this... Sexy Animal Planet star Dave Salmoni. I just discovered him, and I'm pissed I've not been watching Animal Planet all along. This guy always seems to have his shirt off. Point in case: This one has got to be my favorite. I don't know what the caption should actually be, but the one I came up with is 'Can you take this much?' Born in Ontario in 1975, Dave is absolutely in love with animals. Which raises his hot factor about a billion. He is regularly featured on the Chelsey Lately Show and is, unfortunately, well known for being a part of documentary that was proven to be falsified. Oh well. You are still gorgeous and campaign for animals. Its all good. He also owns his own production company that produced the shows he hosted on both Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. Dave has been listed in a few 'sexiest men on the planet' features and did some interesting photoshoots like this one:
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