Terry Miller- Dan Savage’s Husband

I'm a Dan Savage fan. I'm also a fan of his husband. I really didn't know who his husband, Terry Miller, was until just a few weeks ago. Sure, I'd seen the pictures of their wedding- they make a really adorable couple. 1300831516-dan_savage_and_terry_miller_photo_by_kelly_o miller-savage-2012-mtv-movie-awards-01 Recently though, its Terry Miller who has stepped into the spotlight. He did a little swimwear modeling and... ugh! So freakin sexy! Then, on Queerty, I read a article titled "Dan Savage isn't bothered by you fantasizing about his husband" Thats when I found, and closely looked over (;-)) these pics: 2013-04-18-terrymillerunderwear011 758942958 Screen-Shot-2013-04-17-at-4.38.05-PM Screen-Shot-2013-04-17-at-4.38.36-PM Screen-Shot-2013-04-17-at-4.38.47-PM terrymiller terrymillerunderwear001 And in his usual brilliant wit, Savage had this to say, "I don't have a problem with people knowing I get to hit that when I get home." Special Titan Men pricing just for our readers! Save $20 on a one month access pass. Click here to browse all that hot content!
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4 thoughts on “Terry Miller- Dan Savage’s Husband”

  1. damn, dan is a VERY lucky man. . . well, actually they’re both pretty HOT, but this guy is so hot that the hanker-chief he’s substituting for underwear can barley contain all of that MAN-CAAAAAKE!

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