Super Bulge!

While I'm skeptical about the new Superman movie 'Man of Steel', I do love a nice tight superhero outfit on a gorgeous man that shows every muscle and leaves very little to the imagination. I've posted about Henry Cavill, who is playing Superman before (HIS ASS! Check it out here). New pics were released which prominently feature his bulge in the costume. I know he is wearing a cup, but it wont stop me from fantasizing...image More Celebs here- Hollywood Exposed
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2 thoughts on “Super Bulge!”

  1. superman is my favorite of comic super heroes. Christopher Reeves was a great super man, but I have not liked the casting choices since and I do not like Henry Cavil for Superman 🙁

    And yea, Henry Cavill has a nice body, but so many hotter guys out there.

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