Steve Weatherford

Standing at an imposing 6 feet and 3 inches, Steve is currently the punter for the NY Giants. He started with the Saints before moving around a few times, apparently stopping at every gym along the way. My favorite pic? Number 2... I'll let you figure out why. Check out more guys like Steve at
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7 thoughts on “Steve Weatherford”

  1. I want to spank and then screw Steve Weatherford’s butt after I have him nurse me with his gorgeous nipples, all these pictures look like he’s a very friendly, wide-open guy–I would love to flatten his ass good. Gorgeous, friendly smile–kissable lips–he doesn’t have to play football, he could make good money being a male whore……..

  2. I always have dreamed of Steve Weatherford, but it is too bad that he is married. His wife is so lucky and I am her loser! LOL!

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