Steve McQueen- Old nude pic

At one point, McQueen was the highest paid movie star in the world. Best known his his roles in classic films like 'The Thomas Crown Affair', 'The Great Escape', and one of my favorites, 'Bullitt', McQueen remains a pretty popular figure today- he would be in his 80s. A series of unpublished photos were released a couple of years ago including the nude one found below. Thanks to Rob for asking me to dig them up- it seems like there are more old nude pics floating around and I'll try my hardest to find them 🙂 6lifting 9suddenlynaked snewheavyweight One thing I should point out- the website where I found this, omgblog, had a comment that made me laugh. It read- "Who holds their dick like a cigarette?" Steve McQueen did, I guess. And he was called "The king of cool." mcqueenx1-thumb-500x753-2004 Hot public action? Click here
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6 thoughts on “Steve McQueen- Old nude pic”

  1. Very odd way to hold the dick while pissing to be sure, unless he was ‘posing’ for the cam – unusual to have a full frontal camera pointing at one as one is relieving oneself and that might help account for it 😉

  2. In the time that this was taken circa 1968 – there was no such thing as the internet, he probably figured no one would ever see this. He was a manly and casual man so he thought nothing of the photographer taken a picture while he took a leak – LOL

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