Steve Grand

Steve is the all-American country singer... who just happens to be gay. But before the viral hit "All American Boy" (see below for the video) he was also modeled some underwear for DNA magazine. And took some stunning pics for Tom Cullis. Yay for Steve for going against the grain, and yay for Steve for not being shy about being in his underwear in front of the camera. More guys like Steve can be seen over at Sean Cody 4db70d61c28b1 6-446x670 127Steve01-473x670 127Steve02-473x670 FinnDiesel04-670x525 FinnDiesel08-446x670 Steve_Chatham_0024-526x670 steve-chatham-for-dna-31-468x670 steve-chatham-for-dna-41-468x670 tumblr_l8fye0Kdv11qb6dqoo1_500-446x670 tumblr_l8fyf7wzi81qb6dqoo1_500 tumblr_mpi0csAQsf1rohvvko1_500 tumblr_mpnfamwa4j1qdvbhxo7_1280-526x670 tumblr_mpnfamwa4j1qdvbhxo8_1280-526x670
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