Stephen Dorff… adding to our magazine posts. UPDATED 11/15

So certain weeks it seems that there is a lot of one thing posted. Whether it be celebrity ass, bulge shots, or in this week's case... magazine spreads. Here is another one- Stephen Dorff. Best known for being the evil Vampire Deacon Frost in the Blade series (and soon to reprise his role in the prequels. He'll also soon appear alongside Christina Ricci in a film called 'Born to Be a Star' in which he'll play a porn star. I'll keep an eye out for screen shots on that one. But in the meantime, this first pic doesn't leave much to the imagination! Enjoy! Looks like he might not need the Boogie Nights prosthetic 😉 Related Site: Check out Men of Hollywood Exposed by clicking here! Here is the nude pic that someone was awesome enough to find and post a link to! From the film shadowboxer- And here is a link to part of the sex scene in the film- I'm still searching for the entire scene. Thanks to Michael for giving me a link to the entire scene. Warning- there may be some violence at the end, but it isn't quite as graphic as the True Blood sex scene
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5 thoughts on “Stephen Dorff… adding to our magazine posts. UPDATED 11/15”

  1. He is packing! check out his semi- hard cock in that nude scene in Shadowboxer! Notice he’s even wearing a condom as he’s bangin’ that chick from behind! He’s got great feet as well!

  2. Um yea… I posted this full sex scene in DVD quality on Youtube a while ago. When they made this scene they did 3 takes. One with Stephen Dorff with a full hard on. One with a semi hard on. Last they did it completely flacid.

    Because of the NC-17 Rating the film originally got the director decided to go with the semi hard on clip. Darn… wish they released all 3 takes on the dvd special features.

    Here it is

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