Spencer Matthews

These hit the web last week. For those of you who aren't familiar with the 25 year old star of "Made in Chelsea", you are about to be 😉 I almost had moral issues posting the pic because of his reaction to it being leaked. And.... it was snapped by some girl he was doing it with.... he found out when it was tweeted, along with this- "Didn't believe my mate slept with him so I got this photo as proof. lol." So, my consious almost set in, but then I read this: "Some Made in Chelsea fans are claiming this is just karma catching up to the reality star, who has admitted to cheating numerous times on multiple girlfriends, sometimes in their own beds" (source: Queerty) Morality issues solved. Related Site: Men of UK Here he is with clothes on: TV Choice Awards - London And here is he minus the threads: BXxY9mbIMAElqJz Muscle Bears your thing? Check out Titan Men's Latest sm_mubr_collage
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