Hey guys, sorry about having no Porn Star Saturday this week. I was out of town photographing a wedding this weekend and my computer was having some issues. I was gonna do it yesterday, but I got back later than planned and Al bought some amazing new underwear and... well I got side tracked. So... I'm going to try and double it up for you this weekend. 😀 Have a good week!
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3 thoughts on “Sorry!”

  1. My whole week is now off schedule 🙁 haha! What kind of underwear? And in the mean time you should check out some screencaps from ABC’s ACM Girl’s Night Out concert that came on Friday night, it featured Jason Aldean sporting a serious, offended my grandmother XL bulge. Nothing like a corn fed country cock 😉

    1. @Kaleb: Haha, he bought a few pair, my favorite are called ‘Obviously’ and its basically something a gogo boy would wear. They are hot as hell. And I will definitely check around online to see what I can find of the grandmother offending bulge! Thanks for the tip!

  2. yet another guy to add to your list for PSS is brady jensen, not sure if there’s enough material but he’s seriously so sexy

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