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VIDEO HELP: If you are having trouble seeing the videos (buffering issues, 'black square' where the player should be, or no player at all) there are a few common fixes that you can try: Make sure Flash is upgraded: The most frequent cause is an outdated version of Adobe Flash or some other issue with Flash plugin. Please make sure you have the latest version of flash here. Clear your cache files: Your browser stores information about previously visited pages on the Internet to accommodate faster load times. Sometimes this info on your computer can be out of date. If you need to find out how to do this, then This link lists many common browsers and operating systems. Detailed instructions can be found there. Turn OFF any ad-blocking software or firewall. Both will interfere with the player loading. Kaspersky Internet Protection users: Disable the fragment buffering time limiter, and add " */ads/* " to the white list in banner block protection. Check your settings. Make sure that Java is enabled. Browser Settings (Firefox / IE): Make sure that you have Java and Javascript enabled. The video player will not run if you have scripting features disabled. Windows Settings : If your internet security settings are set to 'High,' the video player will not load. Change this to Medium-High or Low, to have the videos load. Open 'My Computer' > Change a Setting > Security Center > Manage Security Settings For: Internet Options. Change the slider to 'Medium,' or 'Low.' Click Apply. AOL Users: If you are an AOL user, AOL installation causes issues with Flash. We have found that uninstallation and then reinstallation of Flash generally remedies these problems. Also, at the top of the AOL Browser, there is a field called KEYWORD Click on that, enter 'BROWSER FIX' Click, then close and reboot. If this does not solve the issue, then please contact AOL technical support. BUFFERING AND SPEED ISSUES: Run a speed test (you can do this here) to ensure that you are getting the speed you are paying your ISP for - if it comes in under, then contact them. If you have a wireless router, be sure that it is password protected, and that there is no-one else on your network (people you know are supposed to be there, not some freeloading neighbour) who is doing any heavy downloading while you are watching vids. NOTE: Issues with video speed / buffering are a result of internet congestion and/or website traffic and is something I have no control over. Contact your ISP if this issue is persistent. 3RD PARTY VIDEOS: Some videos are hosted through other websites (eg. and playback issues are the responsibility of that site.

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  1. Love your website! Can you find the pic of Marlon Brando, taken in his youth, sucking a cock? I have always heard about it and figure you would be the guy to ask. Take care and thank you, rob

  2. Hmmm, let me do some searching and see what I can find! If I can’t find that, I’ll def get some vintage pics of him to post, I know I’ve seen those around before! And thanks for the compliment Rob! Keep checking back.

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