Should he be freaking out?

I read this interesting article this morning on the Huffington Post- Remember the hot Vanity Fair cover with Crristiano Ronaldo? Apparently he is pretty upset about it... the following if from the article, which you can read here "Many readers were pleased when soccer superstar and Armani model Cristiano Ronaldo was displayed in minimal clothing on the cover of Vanity Fair earlier in the month. The muscular forward was shown shirtless and in tight underwear. One person who was unhappy with the cover photo? Ronaldo himself. A source tells the New York Post that "Ronaldo is freaking out" about the sexy cover shot. "There are whispers," the source continued, "that what really upset Ronaldo was that, having stripped off to his underpants for the shoot in Madrid, he didn't envisage sharing the cover with another player photographed in Milan." I for one, thought they had the shoot together, but I guess its amazing what you can do with photoshop these days! But Cristiano... don't get too upset, people might start to suspect something 😉 Check out the original post here Just a couple quick pics I love of Cristiano-
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2 thoughts on “Should he be freaking out?”

  1. Primadona. Reminds me when Larry King had several guests on back in the mid-2000s, and one of them – a certain maverick senator from Arizona – kept ranting, “Larry, I didn’t know you were going to have SEVERAL guests on the show” and then “Larry, next time tell me if I’m just gonna be one of the gang” and then red-faced, “Larry, I can’t believe you brought me on with so many other people.” It was delicious.

  2. Well there was that gif image of Ronaldo freaking out over a team mate’s erection, now hes allegedly freaked out because he took a cover photo for vanity in his underwear and another soccer player was edited into the cover standing next to him.

    Could he be a bit of a closet case homophobe?

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