Shia LeBeouf Nude in Sigur Ros Music Video

Shia appears nude at the beginning of the Icelandic band's new music video- Its an odd video, but beautiful in an unconventional sort of way. Anyway, you come here for the hot pics and not my opinion on shit 🙂 Here are the pics- And here is the video- NOTE- you must be logged into youtube to view since it contains age restricted content. Its a pain, but its the best quality audio/video. Check out more on Shia here-
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14 thoughts on “Shia LeBeouf Nude in Sigur Ros Music Video”

  1. Not true . . . we do care about your opinion!

    I already find Shia sexy, but it definitely moves my opinion of him twenty paces ahead of most male actors. We can thank Michael Fassbender for his brave move in Shame! Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of our favorite actors.

    This is a beautifully done video and sensuous music, but I could not make heads or tails about it’s meaning, if there was one.

    1. Erik » Well said Erik! Yeah, the meaning behind it is cloudy to me as well. Perhaps a little is lost in translation? I know thats a more commonly used phrase when verbal communication is involved, but lets just apply it to thought as well 😉

  2. no need for a youtube account…
    just add nsfw to the url…
    i.e. in the url change youtube to nsfwyoutube

  3. It always makes me happy when douchebag celebs have disappointing dicks. Channing Tatum. Now that’s a full frontal I can get on board with.

  4. Well the video was pretty weird, and very out there….lol. I did realize, from this vid, that Shia def. does not have an ass…As for his dick, well, it was…okish…lol.

  5. Why does all the people keep saying he has a small dick? I don’t think so, I think it’s one of those cocks which you can call a grower when it’s hard. I’ve eaten a few of those and I can tell you they get soooo big.

    And by the way, Shia is sooooo hot, but that hair… DON’T

    1. Danoperez » He has actually said himself that he doesn’t have a big one. A lot of people on some of the discussion boards I read are making it out to be the smallest ever- and I don’t get that. You really don’t get a clear, close shot of it… and it appears that he has a little bush going on down there, which would make it look a little smaller than it is. The way most people talk, you’d think they are carrying around ten inches themselves… I think its awesome he did it.

      1. You’re right about his bush, a part of his cock is hidden there. And abou him saying that… it may be true, but it also may be that he doesn’t like to make a big deal about it. People are just haters, when they see a successful celebrity they are waiting for anything to piss on him. I also think it’s awesome he did this no matter what people think.

  6. Re: finding meaning in the vid:

    Often art videos like this are meant to evoke meaning rather than to embody meaning, meaning that the makers of the video (may or) may not have a clear, 100% direct response to what this vid is “about.” This tends to coincide with Sigur Rós’ aesthetic.

    I don’t mean to write this from a defensive stance at all – I understand that not everyone is into this kind of thing – but I really connected to the storyline, though I have to watch it again to totally feel like I have a grasp on what it means to me.

    The director has told us that the film is about addiction in all forms – “to drugs,or sex,or anything – and how you get stuck in a cycle.” She said the lollipops (with scorpions in them) represent drugs – something poisonous wrapped in sugar. The butterflies are dead – butterflies are beautiful things that die quickly, and soon after they are beautiful.

    The title simply means, “Four Pianos” in Icelandic, so there’s nothing too inherent there.

    I didn’t connect as much with the drug references when I saw it; instead I seemed to latch onto the couple. The two are completely dependent on each other and their relationship is a cyclical and deep wave of hurt (physically and emotionally) and understanding. The part at the beginning when they’re getting dressed in each other’s clothes is beautiful to me. 1) Clothes are the shell/the thing we wear on the outside to cover up the vulnerable parts of our physical bodies, 2) Clothes reflect our personality and they’re trading them as if they were their own, 3) The clothing is gendered – there’s a loss of gender that happens when you’re that connected. Toward the end, right before the fight, he draws on her and kisses the lips of his drawing; it’s as if he’s cheating on her WITH her–he has lost that connection that he had earlier. He loses her for a second because they both know that their relationship isn’t going to last – the fight over the butterfly – and then they come back together and he sees the tally marks on her back for each of the destroyed beautiful moments they’ve had (and will continue to have).

    Its like knowing that you’re perfect with someone while also knowing that they’re going to break your heart at the same time.

  7. I wonder why he complains of having a small dick – it looks really nice to me, and if he is a grower at all it is no less than “average”. Maybe he’s watched too much porn, where every straight male porn star is huge. It also looks like he has really big balls – one of my favorite things on a man. I’d do him in a minute.

  8. This guy’s is not really attractive. At least not physically. It’s like looking at Björk naked. He’s not someone I would masturbate to. I mean, about every other man featured here is better looking aesthetically.

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