Shayne Ward on the cover of ‘gay times’

I wanted to post this mag cover because this pic is ridiculously hot. If you don't know who Shayne is, he is an English pop singer who won the 'X Factor' competition in 2005. Sorry so short today guys, I've got tons of school work to finish and I just took a pain killer. That means my motivation = zero. Here is my fav pic of Shayne. My imagination does all the work here 😉 Related Site: Check out Men of Hollywood Exposed by clicking here!
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3 thoughts on “Shayne Ward on the cover of ‘gay times’”

  1. Joe sorry to say he has been in a relationship with the same woman since 2004. So no, just because you are on the cover of a gay publication doesn’t automatically mean you are gay – (It’s called selling magazines).

  2. Yeah, the gay market makes a ton of money, why do you think there’s a thing like “gay for pay” cause gay porn pays more. But anyway SHANE WARD IS FIIIIIIINNNNE! He’s actually a great singer, I love him. Been a fan since he won. 🙂 He should be a world superstar.

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