Shawn Roberts… hehe

Shawn Roberts, born in Canada in 1984, is best known for his role on the TV show Degrassi. In 2009 he starred in this gay themed made for TV movie Black Rain (AKA Dark Skies). Most of the posts on the discussion board talked about what a terrible movie it was, but I would watch it for the following! So in reading the list of movies he's been in, I know you've seen a movie with him before. Such as... A Home At the End of the World X-Men Get Over It Taking Lives Land of the Dead Skinwalkers Edge of Darkness Resident Evil: Afterlife. Since he's been in some pretty big movies, lets hope this hottie is around to stay... just... with more nude scenes.
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7 thoughts on “Shawn Roberts… hehe”

  1. I remember watching this film on television here, they bloody censored the hot gay kiss and ass scene. =( I bet the kiss was fucking hot.

  2. I have tried for a long time, and cannot locate this Dark Skies (aka Black Rain) movie ANYWHERE. Was it ever released on DVD? If so, where can I purchase a copy?

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