Sex, the Rugby Player

I had some friends that played Rugby in college. Unfortunately, no guys like this played- they were all pretty much lesbians. Oh well, at least guys like this, Nick Youngquest, feel the need to show off their hot bodies for us! The 27 year old Nick, by the way, was born in Australia and will be playing for the Castleford Tigers. He was part of an uproar by the Rugby league a few years back when he appeared in a nude rugby calendar (he wasn't nude, unfortunately, he was covering himself up) with the proceeds benefiting breast cancer research. Wait... they were pissed because he was supporting breast cancer research AND his hot self was partially nude? What the hell is wrong with them? This isn't the pic, but you can totally see the head of his dick And here is a behind the scenes video of the photoshoot... also of him working out in his undies. Begin the bulge admiring 😉 Remember this hung rugby player? Take a peek 😉
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