Sam Jones III Sex Tape Screen Caps UPDATED 11/20 WITH VIDEO

I posted these because as of yesterday Sam plead guilty of attempting to sell 10000... yes ten THOUSAND... Oxycodone pills. The DEA said that he was the "Hollywood connection". I'm sure. But anyway, a while back he made a sex tape with girlfriend Karissa Shannon, a Playboy Playmate. For such a small guy... Damn is he packin' Oh right, you'd probably like to know what the top side looks like huh? Well here he is, sometime before his arrest in 2009- Sam is best known... well actually come to think of it, he is probably known for being the shadowy "Hollywood connection" to Oxycodone! GASP!... right... but he is actually known for playing Pete Ross on the first three seasons of Smallville and for having a role in Blue Mountain State before written off the show due to his arrest. On a side note- my friggin' finals are done so I can get back to what is important in life. Thats right. Downloading porn and finding random celeb stuff for you. Well, at least for a couple weeks. I feel a bit despondent that I just finished a degree and have a couple years to go before the next one. Will school ever actually end? Oh well, lots of holiday time sex ought to fix my despair. [stream provider=video flv= mp4= embed=false share=false width=475 height=344 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /]
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14 thoughts on “Sam Jones III Sex Tape Screen Caps UPDATED 11/20 WITH VIDEO”

      1. Hey Andy ,

        wanna say great stuff you put up here . i read up on you and your friend and what a great thing you have . so yeah i’ve seen the San Jones vid on sex tube point com ! the whole vid is there . WICKED ! hope this helped ! i figured it was to good to be true that it was actually there but IT IS ! ! ! ! ! !

        AK70 American in Paris !

        1. @AK70: Thanks so much! A lot of work goes into the blogs, so its much appreciated. I hadn’t seen the full version, but man…. thats all I’ll say. Haha. Thanks for helping me out! Al and I are headed to Paris this spring, so if you have any suggestions on things to do that are off the beaten track, send me an email! 🙂

  1. Hey, will do ! I also have an American friend that is a private tour guide if you guys would want something like that. But I will give it some thought and if I come across something will be sure to let you know ! Around bout what month are you guys coming ? If you want I can get to you my email address . Let me know what you think . By the way , was happy to be able to help out a bit on the site . Xoxo. Ak70

  2. another little side .. just saw that Tabloid Heat has supposedly posted the leak pic of Mr. West himself ! It’s not much but could be worth looking into for your readers !
    I’ll send a mail to you in the next day ! Sound good to you ! have a good one ! 🙂

    1. Merry Christmas to you too! I haven’t had a chance to check out the Kayne pics quite yet. Thats on my agenda for tonight, but thanks for the tip 🙂

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