Sad I missed it…

I don't really watch TV ever, unless its True Blood, Dexter or a good movie is on. Not sure why, just never do. That being said, I miss a large amount of hotness going on with the tube. I was reading a forum this morning and came across some pics that made me say to myself, "DAMNIT, why can't I just watch it (it meaning American Idol) like everyone else!" Here is the reason: Tim Urban. He came in 7th place in the American Idol contest- I'm guessing that means that he sings pretty well- but more importantly, look! This Texas native has got a billion dollar smile as well, melts my heart for sure.
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6 thoughts on “Sad I missed it…”

  1. He is 1 of the reason i rush home to watch AI. Bt after he was voted out, my eyes was glued to Casey James, then he’s out. So i found myself staring at Lee Dewyze. He probably don’t hve the body of Tim and Looks of Casey, But his voice and humbleness melt my heart. c”,)

  2. He’s one of the reasons I watched AI. After he got voted out I wasn’t even interested anymore on the show.

  3. I’m not sure whether anyone else realises, but the host of this blog didn’t mention which “contest” this dude was on. I assume it’s singing because he did mention the word “singing”. I watch American Idol by the way, that’s why I knew …….. but not everyone does.

    1. @Shad0vvStalk3r: Sorry about that. I’ll go ahead and throw it in there for people who must be really confused. Sometimes things just slip your mind when you work full time, go to school full time, run your own photography business, and keep up with a blog. Woops!

  4. you should look at vampire diaries and Nikita on Thursday at 7-9 on The CW you should add them to true blood and Dexter.

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