Ryan Gosling Goes To Jail, Strips to His Undies…

I mean, not in real life. In a movie, The Place Beyond the Pines. Below is both the video AND the pics, for closer inspection and... whatnot 😉 Gosling is often a feature on the blog (check out previous posts here, here, and here), but this may turn on to be my favorite post on him. So sexy. Up first... the video. The scene you want starts at 2minutes, 30seconds. I think its funny how the camera holds just a few moments too long on his underwear bulge. Enjoy 😉 To the pics! enhanced-buzz-1574-1375467931-17 enhanced-buzz-1827-1375467932-59 enhanced-buzz-2603-1375467928-22 enhanced-buzz-2603-1375467936-24 enhanced-buzz-2793-1375467921-26 enhanced-buzz-3066-1375466235-13 enhanced-buzz-3168-1375466235-2 enhanced-buzz-3183-1375467923-54 enhanced-buzz-11640-1375467930-33 enhanced-buzz-13478-1375469703-36 enhanced-buzz-14405-1375467936-26 enhanced-buzz-15443-1375466220-5 enhanced-buzz-16946-1375466229-7 enhanced-buzz-23582-1375467925-13 enhanced-buzz-25657-1375466233-0 enhanced-buzz-27224-1375469706-0 enhanced-buzz-31752-1375466231-10
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4 thoughts on “Ryan Gosling Goes To Jail, Strips to His Undies…”

    1. Looks like I didn’t put that in. Haha. I updated it though! Should be there 🙂 Thanks for letting me know

  1. Thanks 😉 Real nice package, looks like he may have got aroused by the cop directing him to remove his clothes 😉

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