Ronnie Kroell’s Playgirl spread

Meet Ronnie: Ronnie appeared on the TV reality show "Make Me a Supermodel." While he didn't go home with the top prize (he was runner up) he did get something that benefits us all: An offer from Playgirl to appear nude. Yes, thank you. So without further ado, here are all the pics that I could get my hand (sorry, I was only using one at the time) on. I was going to wait till model mondays for this post, seeing as he is a model, but I just couldn't wait any longer! Enjoy! I found this to be funny and arousing all at the same time. This is a clip from the show Ronnie was on and is pretty homoerotic. Check out Ronnie's website HERE for more pictures and info on the ultimate boy next door.
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4 thoughts on “Ronnie Kroell’s Playgirl spread”

  1. I think this set of photos are really nice. At least I once liked him when he was in “Make me a supermodel”

  2. AMAZING photos. Ronnie was always so HOT on the show, and now I know what I didn’t see then. FANTASTIC!!!

    PS: Fan of your blog since you started!!! Thank you.

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