Romeo Miller Bulge

Found these photos today of musician Romeo- Looks like they've been edited in the crotch-a-torial area, but its still an impressive bulge. AAAAAANNNNNNNDDDD I found some unedited ones and another yummy pic 😉 First, the edited pic- Now what looks like some behind the scenes type photos- And noooooow- the other yummy pic 😉 Check out our sponsors- Gay Porn, Oooooh YEAH- Its Gonna Hurt
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One thought on “Romeo Miller Bulge”

  1. I actually have a photo but this can’t add photo but its on Tumblr just look up Romeo Miller on the tags and he’ll be down sum but its totallyhim you can tell because he has a before photo of him with cloths on but the next 2 nude and whole DICK showing pretty big for his size hope this helped

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