RIP Arpad

A bit of sad news about Gay Porn Star Arpad Miklos- Here is a link to the article on Towerload about the untimely passing. I didn't want to post his previous videos out of respect, but you can search on this site if you so wish to. I hope that soon we can figure out the reasons behind Arpad's suicide and have some important discussions about mental health in the gay community. Rest In Peace Arpad! Tahanks for sharing so much of yourself with us, we are eternally grateful.
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5 thoughts on “RIP Arpad”

  1. He was seriously one of my first porn loves next to Lucas Ridgeston and Chad Hunt. 🙁 I hope he knew how much he was adored by millions of people. RIP.

  2. Wow, that’s too sad. I’ve been a fan for several years -he always seemed to be such a perfect daddy type, and hot as hell.

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