Ricky Martin’s Boyfriend?

The rumor mill has been swirling ever since Ricky came out nearly two months ago about who has has dated, who he IS dating, and just what they are doing. Many websites are reporting that the love interest is Valerio Pino, Italian model, dancer, performer. I didn't know him either, but I'd sure as hell like to! IF the rumors are true, who could blame Ricky? Rugged good looks, killer body, and stuble. I'm a stuble man myself, so I'll just assume Ricky is too 😉 Seriously? I can't compete with that. Pretty much every single message board I've read about this has at least one comment such as follows: "I hope there is a sex tape that leaks!" My thoughts exactly. Of course, it seems that every single site that I've read this one has actually no evidence of them being a couple. I've read quite a few too. So, I'd like to know where the evidence is, and what it is ;), or now that Ricky is open- just have someone ask him! But regardless, these pictures have opened up my imagination to all sorts of wonders.
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