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So, Al and I have a new site idea brewing with a mix of a bunch of material. I'm considering having a small part of it be a more personal blog about sex, sharing some of my experiences and cool information/pictures that I find. If there was a lot of porn content on a site, is that something you would even bother with? If enough people think so I might start it here and move it over to the new site (whenever that may be launched). Thanks for your input 🙂
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15 thoughts on “Question for you…”

  1. Don’t think that would be necessary, cause dudes who come here… are all gay… oh yeah they hate porn content… haha!
    But i think it’ll be great to have a new site to share your personal experiences, with Al… and some other ppl you have been with… umm… i should probably get out before you kick me out

  2. I think it’s a nice idea. Firstly, I never say no to porn 😛 And secondly, it’s cool to have a little community that shares their sex stories and give input (no pun intended) on stuff they’ve learned. It makes everything a little bit more personal and I am down with that 🙂

  3. It sounds like a good idea. I would certainly be interested in hearing/seeing what ‘might cum jp’ in such presentations and encourage you to start the ball rolling.

    Thanks for all you do mate 😉

  4. Sounds cool to me, hell I am hooked… so I would read about and watch you do the dishes 😉 if you let me of course.
    A new sight sounds cool or you could always make one of the days that you normally post and make that day an “all about you day, your personal experiences, info, SEX, etc”
    Like I said before ever since I ran into this sight I am a loyal weekly if not daily reader-viewer so ya I am def coming back for more of what you have coming. Whether it be tweaking this sight or making a new one or running both count me in.

  5. I agree with T-Bird; think you should just start out as a weekly / day post about sexual experiences and go from there.

    Add some spice to it all by allowing us to send our own experiences and photos to you. Curation of our postings / links / photographs would be up to you and Al.

    *** Personally I enjoy both the MALE STAR & BANANA blogs individually for different reasons – the sexual experiences would tie in better with the later.

  6. Definitely, and just a tip – I saw The Vow today ( mainly because of Channing, it was good) and I don’t know if know but Channing showed his ass!!! If you can find the clip, it’s the morning after she first comes home from the hospital. Very worth the $9!!!!

  7. I love the idea I would love a more personal blog and it would be awesome to get to know you more and maybe a couple of pictures of your self Alex and by the way I have been visiting both of your sites for 2 maybe 3 years and I can’t get enough and I would like to thank you for all of the videos,men,and sex you have given me.

  8. The new site sounds interesting. But lets not forget your and al’s blog work more than others for a lot of people because the porn here is less porn when compared with porn in its strictest definition. most of the times it is very classy and full of passion. so if you can keep it that way and more for your new site, go for it 🙂

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