Queer as Folk Striptease…

I just found this and thought I'd throw it on the blog here... I just love Justin in his underwear at the end 😉 Ok, So on a personal side note I'd like to apologize for the frequency of posts this week. Tuesday morning I was brought to the hospital where I underwent surgery Wednesday afternoon. I was released not too long ago and I'm relaxing at home. I was able to update when I had some privacy and could move without screaming. Anyway, I'm feeling much better and recovering a little bit each day. So between my wisdom teeth being removed on Friday, and the surgery two days ago, I'm on quite a few painkillers- so bear with me for the next couple of weeks. If you have any suggestions or tips, feel free to send em' my way. Thanks for reading! Andrew
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5 thoughts on “Queer as Folk Striptease…”

  1. dude!!! no apologies necessary… I had a tooth removed on the 15th, suppose to take 15 minutes…. ended up sitting in the chair for an hour and I am still on pain med’s you just take it easy, i think there is enough on this site to keep us “busy”. 🙂

    1. @Scott: Well, it wasn’t so much having the teeth removed that had me knocked out… it was the second surgery… the ‘surprise’ visit to the ER for the removal of my galbladder that I didn’t know was malfunctioning until the unbearable pain. Thats the one thats doing it to me 🙂 Haha, but thanks for your comment- glad you understand what its like on those meds.

  2. Sorry to hear you went under the knife. Hope you got to flash a cute doc or nurse. last fall i ended up in the hospital and had fun sleeping nude. 7 days after i got out i had a root canal. no fun

  3. @Esteban, I’m having a very restful time- thank you! At least school is over with for the time being, so that helps a lot! @ Nudeengr, Haha, I didn’t really run into any cute Dr.s or nurses believe it or not. I opted to wear my undies because they wanted me up and walking around and I didn’t want to become a hospital cliche 🙂

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