Good morning from Stockholm! As I was having my cup of coffee this morning waiting to start out on a good jog, Queer as Folk randomly popped into my head. I've always LOVED this clip and thought I'd repost it- as it was buried on like page 60 of the blog (I can't believe I have posted THAT much stuff!). Anyway, I thought I'd share it once again, for those of you who haven't seen it 😛 Enjoy! I was about 16 or 17 when the US version of Queer as Folk originally aired (2000) and years after its last episode I still can get off to this clip. I can't pin-point exactly what sets it above the rest, but there is something about it that's intensely erotic to me. For those that don't know of the show or this particular episode, here's the premise: Justin (the one on the left) and the school football jock (the one on the right) are sent to detention after they both get into an altercation over Justins homosexuality. While they are doing there time in detention the football jock starts to reminisce about one of his past sexual encounters, gets all horned up, and apparently forgets he's a raging homophobe for about 30 seconds. {The Banana Blog | Videos, Pictures, Reviews of the Hottest Men Online!}
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