Please let this be… UPDATED 5/14/12

Ok, so I learned this morning from TMZ that a Tyson Beckford sex tape is being shopped around. So I really hope that this is true. As soon as I'm done... ummm.. analyzing the footage I'll put it up 😉 For pictures of Tyson nearly nude, click here for a post I put up a couple years ago of the irresistible model. For the article on TMZ, click here. UPDATE- Tyson has acknowledged the tape! He does say however that don't get your expectations up. Tyson said that the video is "Not much of a sex tape lol." He was disappointed that its going out, but he says he is going to move on with his life and not worry about it. You can bet I'll stay on top of this and bring it to you as soon as it hits. Lets hope this comes out soon!
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