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Alright, so its been a crazy couple of weeks since I got back from Toronto. If you've never been... book your trip. Go. Toronto was an amazing city that I will definitely be traveling back to. For one, I had no idea how huge the city was. The view from the top of the CN Tower was impressive- it just stretched on and on and on. The downtown area was beautiful and full of incredible architecture. There were world class museums (although I only got to go to one as we were short on time) and OMG the food! How I didn't gain 10 pounds I'll never know. We had the chance to stay with a friend in Toronto, who I actually met from the blog and have become good friends with, and he was kind enough to show us around the city. Its always great when you have someone who knows what they are doing. We took him out to his first gay bar when we went down to the Village, Toronto's gay district. We went to one of the most well known places and had a blast- Woody's. It had an awesome mix of people who were very friendly- very different from the bars and clubs here in Orlando. That and... Canadians are fucking hot. To be fair, some could have been tourists, but just walking around the city... ugh. I want to... no, make that need to, go back this summer when everyone isn't in ten layers of clothes. In short, it was a whirlwind trip that was a total blast, and I'll remain ever grateful to our host for showing us such a good time! Some pics are below for those who want to check out some of my photography. My next trip is coming up! 35 days or so till Norway/Denmark/Sweden. If you are in that area let me know if you'd like to get together and say hello! 034 039_ 069 070 072 085 096 101 119 124 182 012 028
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4 thoughts on “Personal Blog- Toronto”

  1. Glad you liked Toronto. Have you been to Montreal? Although I was born in Toronto, I have spent the last 8 years there. Now that city will blow you away.

    1. Well I grew up in Vermont, so we used to jump up to Montreal all the time- but its been a long time since I’ve been. I definitely want to go explore some more in Canada!

  2. Andy, Toronto is my favorite place to getaway to. Its about a 6 hour drive for me. My BFF went with me once as she called the trip her “Queer As Folk” tour as she had to visit all the locations they shot the show, she is obsessed with it. Yes, we also spent a couple of evenings at Woody’s. I enjoy Montreal but Toronto has the one bonus for me of their language being English first.

    1. 6 hours isn’t too bad! Savannah Georgia is my getaway from Orlando- only about 4 and 1/2 hours by car. I didn’t know they filmed Queer as Folk there! lol. I would have done the tour myself! Next time though 🙂

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