Personal Blog- The Countdown

If you follow the blog, you know I LOVE to travel. You also know that I'm insanely busy and don't get to nearly enough (Check out that post here). But I just wanted to share with you all that I will be headed on an amazing adventurous vacation in... Where am I going, you ask? Well, the trip will start with me in Oslo, Norway- then I'll be hopping over to Stockholm, possibly to Copenhagen from there, and then back up to Noway to explore the coasts and if I can manage it, the very top of the country to experience some midnight sun action! All of this with my best friend Kate (who I went to Morocco with- check out that post here). I'm too excited for words! Hence the short post. Anyone live in Norway/Sweden/Denmark? If you do, you should definitely get in touch with me 🙂 Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to dance around my apartment in my underwear with excitement!
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  1. Maybe you know this, but I have been all over the world, and while a bit shy at first, the people in Scandnavia are maybe the kindest, most genuine folks I’ve ever met. I hope you and your friend know or meet some locals so you are invited into their home and can enjoy them at ease like I did. I am jealous!

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