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I really didn't plan on having sex with Albert last night, but it sure was a very pleasant surprise. My lesson from last night? Don't fuck in that one position that gives me a terrible leg cramp. You would think that as porn bloggers, we would constantly be naked, our dicks in and around each other's mouths and asses. But that, unfortunately isn't the case. We both work full time, we both go to school full time, I have an internship and... well, even though we live together, it sometimes feel like we communicate more by text message than anything else. A few days a week Albert leaves the apartment at 7 in the morning and doesn't get home until after 10 at night. At which point he just collapses on the bed or couch in mental and physical exhaustion. I sometimes get home after midnight, where I do the same. Add to all of that nonsense that we just moved and are still putting our lives together in our new place (it takes us a looooong time because... we just read the previous paragraph) and that equals out to be a lot of boners that go untouched by the other. On Halloween night, we had a friend of ours over and we talked about sex... I said something about this hot guy I saw and followed it up with, "But you know, when I jerk off, I'm always thinking about Al... one of the random fantasies I have with him." And thats true. Its great that after almost seven years, the man I'm with still excites me to no end and I can still jerk off over and over and over again thinking about him, or more specifically, us... doing it 😉 So- on to last night. We went out to dinner and had a nice quiet date night. We drove around in our new car listening to some great 60's music; upbeat songs about love and being together. Our hands were one on top of the other on the shifter and we just drove around for a while. When we got back to the apartment, he was putting together an outfit for the wedding we are going to later today. I stripped down to my underwear and layed out on the bed. I just so happened to be wearing my sexy 'Obviously' underwear, which don't quite cover my ass and are yellow... but kind of see-through at the same time. My ass was facing him on the bed and my head was facing out of the window on to the courtyard.

prd.xlg_obviously-for-men-underwear It was these underwear. I'm not showing the back view, because this guys already looks better than I do in them.

    Pretty soon, he climbs up on top of me and presses himself on my ass. I throw my phone down, take off my glasses and try my hardest not to blow a load right then. I was thinking "OMG YES I'M GOING TO GET FUCKED." He must have been thinking something along the same lines. He takes off his shorts and I could feel how hard he was, pressed up against me. He kisses my neck and there was more grinding going on than I think we've ever done. It had been a while, and I can sometimes be so tight that it hurts him- but thats what he gets for having a ginormous dick. For like 20 or 25 minutes we just do that- his dick pressing up against my ass. Its amazing that something so simple can feel so good! I was in absolute heaven. Then, when we couldn't stand teasing each other anymore, we grabbed the lube. We were using a new lube, which is something we are always on the lookout for. Finding good lube is important to me, because with his size... well a little hurt is ok, but feeling like I'm being impaled is not. But after all that teasing he did, there wasn't an issue. Slowly, he slid in and we moved into doggy style where I could control him entering me. He has to remind me to slow down a bit, because I get in the mindset that I'm a bottom from the Macho Fucker videos and get a little too confident in my dick taking abilities. I'm not quite there yet- even after all these years. kMT5q1_3RuI

This is kind of how I view my abilities. But, clearly thats all in my head

    After a while of that, he goes for it. Slowly, but forcefully he thrust his way into me and pulled out all the way to the head. After pausing long enough for me to feel him throbbing, he thrust it back in. It was kind of like this: tumblr_mvi2g03kts1retrmlo1_250 Our souls were definitely synced up last night because we were doing everything each other wanted the other to do. For over thirty minutes we continued in a few different positions, him never taking it out of me. He was sweating a lot and I was precumming so much I'm surprised we didn't slide off the fucking sheets. We then ended up on our sides, my body kind of perpendicular to his, my leg over his back and him thrusting hard into me. I was so close that I couldn't hold it anymore... and then... just as I started to shoot one of the five biggest loads in my entire life... LEG CRAMP. tumblr_md56emL5Ye1rcdokno1_500 I mean, it was like right when I would have felt the first pulse of ecstasy from cumming, my leg cramped up hard. So here I am, pumping out a Harry Louis size load (a change of sheets was definitely more than necessary at this point), hitting my chest, shoulders, a little on my chin, and pretty much everywhere around me, and I didn't feel a damn thing. I knew I was cumming, mainly because I was getting more soaked by the second, but all I could feel was that pain deep in my hamstring. So, now I know what position to NEVER have sex in. But I also learned something else. Something fun and amazing. Sex really isn't about the payoff at the end. After we lay there, me soaked in my own jizz, Albert still in me, laughing a bit at the absurdity of the leg cramp at that moment, I didn't feel a single second of the last hour wasted. It was still some of the absolute best sex we have ever had. Thanks for reading 🙂 There are a couple new Person Blog Posts coming soon, just as soon as I get the chance to write them. Feel free to say hi! Email me, or kikme- TMSblog
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