Personal Blog- So… This happened at my college the other day…

This guy is out at my school, The University of Central Florida, every Monday, preaching about how everyone is going to hell. No one is excluded; or at least thats the gist I get as I breeze past him and turn up my music. Anyway, one of the people who stands around antagonizing him had a good strategy. Its floating around the web now, I expect it to be pretty big before too long. You can see it here- "This is why there are so many lesbians!"... I don't know about your college, but at my school, this sort of thing gets you laid.
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7 thoughts on “Personal Blog- So… This happened at my college the other day…”

  1. Oh! That’s where Brother Micah went! He used to haunt the University of South Florida for years. Though I think this guy wins the “best antagonist” award.

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