Personal Blog Post: Well… This Is Surreal…

I've been planning on graduating in May of 2014 for some time. I had my road map all set and ready to go... the ball was rolling. This past Friday, I was officially done. So... now what? images I'd imagine this is a pretty familiar feeling to those who spent longer than the usual 4 years at University, but I took time off... went back... took more time off... then finally got my ass in gear. But by that time I had a full time job, an expensive apartment, and an expensive boyfriend. I kind of already have a life, so thinking about getting a big-boy job in my degree field is like turning my entire world upside-down. Its scary. But I can't wait. This past semester routinely saw 14 to 15 hour work days for me. On top of a full time unpaid internship working from 5am to 3pm-ish, I had to go home and plan out what I was going to do the following days... I had 120 high school seniors counting on me for graduation. And up until April, I was working Saturday and Sunday at Starbucks. I also had the blog to keep up with (which I did a shitty job of I know). Worst part is, this internship only had two possible grade outcomes: Pass or Fail. I had a massive list of objectives I had to pass on. Like... pages and pages of them. Plus this huge research paper... fuck me right? Al worked his ass off too: with The Banana Blog, keeping a part time paid internship, AND taking 5 classes. I barely saw him, even though we shared a bed. My pride in him couldn't be higher though. He is the first person in his family to graduate from college, which is a huge achievement. To celebrate, I bought him another watch for his collection. photo (4) So, if anyone wants to get him a graduation gift, he has his eyes set on a Movado. This watch pushed the limits of what I consider reasonable for the price of a watch... so... no chance in hell this is happening. I'm pretty sure my friends in Orlando have thought I've already moved. If you saw my facebook page, all I've posted is my 'goodreads' updates and my running updates. I feel as if my sanity has been kept in check by running and reading. I got away for Spring Break, but then had to jump right back into it. Luckily, I loved my internship and genuinely looked forward to each and every morning. And now I'm ready to begin. Begin what you ask? Well, at the end of this month we move out of our apartment in Orlando. My parents, who will be away for the summer are lending use of their home as a base for us to settle our new lives in.... washington-postcard We are heading up in a few days time to scout out some places to live. If you live there, drop one of us a note. We will be doing a little relaxing while there at least. Our other "after school" plans were changed in the past few weeks and this was the only city we could come to an agreement on about living in. He will just have to get used to me doing 'House of Cards' monologues all the time. In a year's time I'm sure I'll have multiple personalities 🙂 giphy And just because this is technically a porn site, I feel the need to do this: from Guys in Sweatpants
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  1. Looks like some pretty big changes and decisions, but both of you are moving forward so that’s great and I’m sure you’ll be getting your goals. I’m happy for you!

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