Personal Blog Post/ The Male Star Blog Special… Here’s to 2012…

Last year I did a special New Years post where I went back over 2011 and posted all my favorite stuff again. But since I also have the personal blog going this year, I thought I'd combine the two a bit. But first... a poll. Most of my friends have made New Year resolutions and the majority of them seem to be fitness related. I've promised to take about 15 of them to the gym in the next week, so I'm going to be one very sore boy in January. So I was just kind of curious about my readers and what sort of things you pledge to do over the next year. Vote for your main goal below and see how yours compare with my other readers. [polldaddy poll=6802192] 2012 was an awesome year for me. I made some great friends, maintained a 4.0 at University, expanded my blog, managed to hold onto ALbert, traveled a lot. Last year was all about personal growth to me (a sure sign that I'm getting older!)- most of my goals were fitness related, true, but it was about pushing myself past self imposed limits on how far I could go, how much I could lift. Last year, it wasn't about looking hot, it was about doing one more rep, jogging one more mile and bringing my health to new heights. I personally believe when people make resolutions about the gym purely for vanity reasons they are setting themselves up for failure: here is why- you see yourself in the mirror every single day. Fitness is about minute and incremental changes in your body. Just because you don't see that extra 1,000 calories you burned off doesn't mean your body sin't registering it. When I lost all the weight that I did I had to look back at pictures to tell any sort of difference. Your body will not change as fast as you want it to change (safely, of course), so when you make a goal based purely on looking good, you'll get frustrated with the results and stop. So for those of you who have made fitness goals for the new year, I offer this advice (from someone who is fairly knowledgeable on this stuff)- Set SPECIFIC fitness goals. For example, here are my goals (and current stats) ~ Gain 15 pounds of muscle by May (I'm currently 165 pounds at 7.4 percent bodyfat, the average percentage of bodyfat for males is 18-24, in case you were wondering) ~ By May, be able to do 100 pull ups (I'm at 76 now, and all I want to do after is sleep) ~ Compete in my frist 5k or 10k. I run every other day, anywhere from 6-8 miles, so this one is not a big deal... I've just never run in any sort of official capacity, just in the mornings after I wake up and jerk off. Because I can't run with a boner. ~ Be able to run 15 miles non-stop. Right now, the most I run is 8 miles while keeping a pace of around 9:30/mile. I know I can go further, but I have no time goal set for this one as I don't want to injure myself. photo (2)

Tis me'- at the gym  😉

  There you have it. If you set specific goals, you work harder to attain them- "I will go to the gym" wont cut it. Give it a try. And if you want to start jogging, here is an awesome program to get your started: The Couch to 5K program. And if you live in Orlando and want to jog with me, email me at You are always welcome to join. If you need an incentive, I wear short shorts. If that isn't enough of an incentive I'll buy you coffee afterwards. The rest of my goals are pretty odd. There is a hotel I've always wanted to stay at in Savannah, Georgia, where me and Al go a few times a year. The Mansion on Forsyth Park. We've got a thing for nice hotels, and don't mind shelling out the money for them. So this year, I will stay here. We've been to a few other of the same brand of hotels around the US and they are always gorgeous. Travel. This is always a goal of mine, and I haven't specifically thought of any places I have to visit this year- yet. But, on the short list are Monticello, Washington DC for the Cherry Blossoms, Vancouver and oddly enough Key West. I think is appalling that I live in Florida and have never been. The only real trip I have "planned" is going back to Morocco to visit the north (Tangier) and then popping up to Spain for a bit for some hiking, Tapas and all the fucking wine I can drink. Enough about me. Here are my favorites from this past year, so join me in saying "FUCK OFF 2012!" Happy New Year to you all. Thanks for reading, and if you feel like getting to know me, drop me a line at My Favorite Porn Star Saturday Post My Favorite Model Mondays Post My Favorite Celebrity Coming Out Post My Favorite Fun Post My Favorite Paparazzi Post My Favorite Post on TV Nudity And Of course: Sports 😉
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6 thoughts on “Personal Blog Post/ The Male Star Blog Special… Here’s to 2012…”

  1. You look Hot 😉
    I’ve never seen your face, have you ever posted a full picture of yourself? or with your bf? if you have plz show me its link…

    1. I did, actually last New Years Day, but took it down after a week or so. lol. But thanks man 🙂

  2. Andy actually is a really good looking guy. It’s no wonder he gets hit on at work. Haha. I actually just downloaded that app and want to do 5K’s! So we’ll see how this goes. Thanks for that! And love the site/blogs!

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